A Journey into the Mind of Calliope Pavlides

Citrus Circuit, 2021, soft pastel and colored pencil on paper.

Pragmatic Surrealism

Calliope Pavlides engineers her compositions like a to-do list, an Easter egg hunt, or survival kit. Her works on paper for an upcoming exhibition at Harkawik in New York City exist as impossible still lifes and contrary landscapes.

In the wake of a global pandemic, a climate crisis and personal micro-dramas, the Greek-born artist must “place everything on the table” and assess the damages. She works at microscopic levels, portraying a circuit of lemons pumping electricity (Citrus Circuit), or lab apparatus: magnifying glass, bulbs, prisms, circuits (There Simply aren’t Enough Colors on This Planet). Insects populate her apocalyptic scapes, which depict historic events.

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