Acts of Hope: World Collage Day 2022

1956 De Soto/Yellow Sky from the “Glitter Highways” series by Erin McCluskey Wheeler
12″x16″x.375″; vintage car ad and Acryla gouache on paper mounted on panel

Announcing the 2022 World Collage Day Poster Artist 

The Renaissance was an amazing time, a profound leap forward in art, architecture, philosophy, literature, music, science…nearly all aspects of human endeavor. While the focus of that history is on Europe, the wealth and knowledge that made the Renaissance possible came from Asia, Africa, the Islamic World, and the Americas. One of the greatest gifts of that time was a philosophy of humanism and the belief in the agency and potential of human beings. A door to human liberation opened by Islamic philosopher Al-Jubba’i nearly five centuries earlier, humanism flourished during the Renaissance and the capacity to understand one’s own humanity expanded exponentially. The thing is, if you were living during that time, you didn’t know it was a Renaissance. 

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