After Deciding That ‘Technology Does Not Corrupt Artists,’ Pace Gallery Will Launch Its New NFT Platform Next Week

DRIFT, Block Universe (2021). © DRIFT. Courtesy of Pace Gallery.

Pace has been perhaps the most fervent embracer of crypto-art of all the blue-chip galleries. In July, it announced plans to launch a new platform for NFTs, and planted a flag in the nascent space by hosting digital projects on its website. (It accepted cryptocurrency for all sales.)

But an ethical question caught up with the gallery’s president and CEO, Marc Glimcher, who decided to delay the rollout. “Is this continuing to turn our artists into the creators of financial instruments?” he said. 

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@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
Every time technology offers another tool, it is discussed as ethical or not. However, new tools open new paths to realizing ideas. Pace has legitimate concerns but I hate to say it but the art market already uses artist's work at financial instruments.
1 year ago