An interview with Viennese gallerist Sophie Tappeiner

Anna Schachinger, “Aneinander”, exhibition view, SOPHIE TAPPEINER, 2022. Image: Peter Mochi

Not counting the large art world cities of Berlin and Paris, Vienna has seen the greatest surge of new art galleries in Europe of the last few years. The 2022 edition of Liste and Paris Internationale, two of the most important emerging art fairs, featured more galleries from the Austrian capital than any other comparable city in the continent. If not alone responsible for shaping Vienna’s reputation as a gallerist hatchery, Sophie Tappeiner [Here is the gallery’s website. Ed. ] is a prominent contributor to say the least. Her program of exhibitions and list of artists well highlight the issues of her generation, although there is nothing dangerously literal or academic in what she shows. She also embodies a certain Viennese new art dealer who is preoccupied with both the local and not.

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