Artist Creates Powerful Dragon Sculpture Out of Trees Destroyed by a Storm

After a brutal storm, Italian sculptor Marco Martalar was moved to transform the damage into something beautiful. Sitting atop a mountain in the northern Trentino region of Italy, an enormous dragon has become a symbol of Mother Nature’s force. Martalar created the magnificent creature from the scattered branches of the storm, turning tragedy into art.

In 2018, the Vaia storm ripped across northern Italy. With winds reaching up to 125 miles per hour, a tremendous amount of forest was destroyed. In Trentino alone, over 18,000 trees were uprooted by the devastating storm, which was unprecedented. Vaia had a profound effect on Martalar, changing the way that he viewed his art. “The type of sculpture that I was doing before no longer made sense,” he tells My Modern Met. “So I started using what the storm had destroyed and gave it new life as art.”

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