Artist Enhances His Original Drawings by Openly Embracing AI as Creative Tool [Interview]

While many artists are running from AI, digital artist Cy Teh has embraced its creative possibilities. By blending his digital drawings with AI, he’s creating unique mixed-media artworks that have taken his artistry to a new level.

As opposed to some creators who have hidden their use of this technology, Teh is very transparent about his creative process. Even his Instagram bio says: “Digital Artist + AI.” Additionally, all of Teh’s posts are accompanied by a caption that clearly explains that the images are a combination of his hand-drawn work and AI.

“I will keep moving forward and learning the good parts of each field,” the captions continue. “I hope to share the fun with you through this platform. If it offends you. I sincerely apologize to you here.”

Teh’s evocative work speaks to the best of AI and the way it can be used by people to enhance creativity rather than to steal ideas or fool the public. His haunting portraits of young and old men and women are mesmerizing, making the viewer wonder what the story is behind the artwork.

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