Atmospheric Compositions

Dina Furrer is a Dutch photographer and visual artist based in Tilburg. Her varied portfolio largely comprises still lifes and landscapes; richly detailed works show bold experimentation with colour. Inspiration comes from within the artist herself as well as nature and everyday life. She recently participated in the exhibition H2O / Water at Galerie TON, Rucphen; past fairs include Art Eindhoven and EuropArtFair.

A: In Issue 105 of Aesthetica, we feature Blue Bird. What is the inspiration behind this piece?
The idea came out of the blue. While creating this work I was inspired by an interesting combination of exotic from a documentary I watched plus blue light I’d seen somewhere that day. Also, I was in a peaceful mood and I think you can feel it when looking at the artwork.

A: What was the process behind the creation of Blue Bird and how did it differ from works such as Snowstorm and Gold Explosion?
It was indeed very different. I was in a different point of my life with new interests. You can see it not only in the change of colours, but also the whole way of imagining the composition was something completely different.

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