Beyond the Window

The first lockdown was implemented across the UK in March 2020, nearly two years ago. During this time, whilst taking one-hour walks around her West London neighbourhood, photographer and Aesthetica Art Prize alumnus Julia Fullerton-Batten (b. 1970) noticed people looking out from behind their windows. It sparked an idea. She reached out on social media and posted letters through doors, looking for subjects to capture at this unique and somewhat surreal moment. The response was overwhelming. Soon, she was turning up at their homes at twilight, her car stuffed full to the brim with lighting equipment and props.

“The window became key; the focus point for each image,” Fullerton-Batten writes in the resulting monograph, Looking Out from Within. “It was acting as a barrier to the virus and the subjects’ freedom. All conversations would be through this glass, discussing our experiences both physically and mentally, how we were coping and our personal predictions for the future.

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