Brice Marden, Painter Who Redefined Abstraction, Dies at 84

An in-process work at Brice Marden’s Hydra workshop in 2007. PHOTO CATHERINE PANCHOUT/SYGMA VIA GETTY IMAGES

Brice Marden, an acclaimed painter whose abstractions quietly pushed the style in new directions, repeatedly injecting it with new life during an era when painting was presumed to have hit a wall, has died at 84.

His daughter, Mirabelle Marden, wrote on Instagram that Marden had died on Wednesday in his home in Tivoli, New York. “He was lucky to live a long life doing what he loved,” she wrote, noting that he had continued painting up until Saturday.

From the 1960s onward, Marden painted in many different modes, often taking the oil-on-canvas approach at a time when other painters were untethering the medium from traditional ways of working. Marden’s style may have made him different from many of his colleagues with more explicitly conceptual ambitions, but he continued to find admirers because of it.

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