Byfusion is turning non-recyclable ocean plastic into a concrete block alternative

Image courtesy of byfusion

the first step is to find the plastic, which isn’t so hard. byfusion collaborates with ocean clean-up operations to collect discarded waste that’s ended up in our marine environments. in the summer of 2020, the company acted as the take-off partner for ocean voyages institute/project kaisei, who pulled over 100 tons of waste from the great pacific garbage patch. 

the second step is to shred the plastic into smaller pieces. it’s then superheated using byfusion’s patented steam-based process and fused into blocks measuring 40cm x 20cm x 20cm and weighing 10kg each. what’s great about this method is that it requires no chemicals, additives, nor fillers and it generates 41% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than concrete blocks. the byblocks also don’t crack or crumble like standard blocks. check out the video below to see how durable they are.

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