Chiharu Shiota’s Red Intertwined Tubes Drift In Former Assembly Hall In Austria

Some tubes detach from the assembly and lead downwards via a medical pump into an Erlenmeyer flask


Chiharu Shiota, known for her installations using threads, merges abstract concepts with everyday objects. In her latest project titled ‘Who am I Tomorrow?,’ the former assembly hall in Kunstraum Dornbirn, Austria, is transformed into a mesh of red threads resembling a labyrinth. The installation gives the impression of a living organism, suspended above visitors and harmonizing with the historic architecture, connected by a complex network of red lines.

Stepping inside, visitors are surrounded by this floating structure. On closer inspection, intertwined tubes become apparent. Held up by over 5,000 red threads, the installation seems to move subtly, as if red liquid, symbolizing blood, flows through winding paths that stretch for around two and a half thousand meters. Some tubes break away from the main structure, descending and connecting to Erlenmeyer flasks through medical pumps.‘We all live, work, sleep, love and suffer physically driven by a constantly functioning cardiovascular system. With a heartbeat of about 70 beats per minute, approximately 10,000 liters of blood are pumped into around 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels every day,’ describes the artist.

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