Comme d’habitude: Ways of Making, Ways of Being at Kolaj Fest New Orleans

Every Morning by Janice McDonald
14″x11″; collage with walnut ink on watercolor paper; 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Janice McDonald makes elegant, abstract collages from repurposed papers and packaging. She is “an indefatigable collector of obscure and overlooked materials, ripping elements of color and texture from their original context to re-purpose in her work.” She writes, “Ripped from their origins and any context, salvaged pieces of color and texture have an inherent strength, imbued with potential. Elements are considered, selected, placed in relationship with other components, and eventually combined into collage or assembled compositions. The transformation from fragmentary to whole evolves over time as critical connections are made.” For nearly five years, the Denver, Colorado-based artist has maintained a daily collage practice. She also has a practice of collage poetry that was informed by her experience in Kolaj Institute’s Poetry & Collage Residency in March 2022.

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