Delicate Grayscale Watercolor Paintings Look Like Grainy Vintage Photographs

Artist Elicia Edijanto creates watercolor art with a nostalgic quality. Her compositions of solitary children, animals, and misty landscapes look like grainy black and white photographs or stills from a long-lost film. In actuality, they are painted with a grayscale palette.

Each of these wistful pieces blurs reality with dreams. Edijanto’s delicate brushstrokes capture the forms of people, creatures, and even statues but do not focus on the details of their faces or expressions. Instead, her figures are shadowed by the stormy depths of the setting, transforming many of them into anonymous, dark-grey silhouettes. “For me, my art is a cathartic release. It’s a way for me to preserve the inner longing for tranquility, innocence, and hope for a tender world,” Edijanto tells My Modern Met.

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