Digital Art Entrepreneur May Xue Tells Us About Her Routines for Success and the Artists She Thinks Are Set to Break Big

Ian Cheng, 3FACE, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

So much of the art world orbits around questions of value, not only in term of appraisals and price tags, but also the more fundamental question: What is even worthy of your time, energy, and attention at all?

What is the personal math that you do to determine something’s meaning and worth? What moves you? What enriches your life? In this new series, we’re asking individuals from the art world and beyond about the valuations that they make at a personal level, in art and in life.

For May Xue—the co-founder of the digital art platform Outland (she is also its artistic director for Asia) as well as the co-founder and chief executive director of Horizon, a Los Angeles-based residency for early- to mid-career artists from the U.S. and abroad—such questions come down to an appreciation for exploring the unknown (and a rigid daily workout routine).

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