Get an Intro to Encaustic Art and How You Can Create Your Own Wax Paintings

Materials for encaustic painting, artist Alicia Tormey’s studio (Photo: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0)

As art has evolved, creatives have developed different types of paintings, each with its own unique attributes. Some of these—like oil and acrylic—are pervasive, while others are less-talked about. One such technique is encaustic painting, which involves shaping a hot resin-and-beeswax-based medium that, when cooled, features a luminous quality.

The age-old technique originated in Ancient Greece and continued to be popular throughout the Roman Empire and Byzantine era. It also allows the artist to incorporate other materials in the medium and create collage effects. Due to the flexible nature of this technique, it has been appropriated by modern and contemporary artists in new ways.

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