Glorious Blooms Erupt in Nidhi Mariam Jacob’s Meticulous Fantasy Garden Paintings

Featured image © Nidhi Mariam Jacob

In the painstakingly detailed canvases of Nidhi Mariam Jacob, myriad flowers and fronds bloom in a vibrant visual symphony. The Bangalore-based artist draws on a longstanding love for the environment. “Nature has been my biggest healer since I was a child,” she tells Colossal. “I spent a lot of my time alone, watching flowers and trees in my mother’s and grandparents’ gardens or out in nature. I loved sitting under the shade of a specific mango tree when I felt down or sad or even extremely happy, and I still do to this day.”

Jacob’s mother was adept at tending to a wide array of plants and propagating cuttings. “I used to believe that my mother was a nature goddess,” the artist says. “She would take cuttings from everywhere, stick them in some soil in her kitchen garden and it would be sprouting leaves in no time. I thought she had magic in her fingers!”

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