How Digital Artist William Mapan Adapted an Early Paul Klee Abstract Drawing Into a Generative Series of Vivid Aerial Landscapes

William Mapan, “Distance” (2023) sample output. Photo: © William Mapan.

As a digital artist attuned to color and texture, William Mapan has unsurprisingly found an affinity with Paul Klee—specifically, the German-Swiss artist’s early abstraction, In the Kairouan Style, Transposed in a Moderate Way (1914), which has served as inspiration for Mapan’s new generative series.

Titled “Distance” and due to drop September 12, the Paris-based artist’s latest collection is the fifth installment in LACMA and Cactoid Labs’s joint blockchain initiative, Remembrance of Things Future. The project invites digital creators to select art and objects in the museum’s collection to respond to and, so far, has released NFT collections by the likes of Emily Xie, 0xDEAFBEEF, Sarah Zucker, and Ix Shells.

Mapan’s choice of Klee’s sumptuous watercolor, he said, was down to its juxtaposition of form against color.

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