Illustrator Reimagines Modernist Masterpieces in Stylish Architectural Drawings

Composition No.24

If you are an art and architecture lover looking for the perfect print to decorate your home, the work of Studio Sander Patelski might be just the thing. Patelski creates vibrant pieces inspired by modernist architecture and design. His catalog includes stylized versions of iconic buildings like Case Study House No. 8 by Charles and Ray Eames and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum by Frank Lloyd Wright. He also recreates stylish modern interiors, fictional façades, and more conceptual compositions of colors and shapes.

Patelski’s artistic process begins with a deep dive into his chosen subject matter. “When I come across a building or interior I like to do, I gather as much material as I can find,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “…I want to ‘understand’ the building or space as much as I can before I start the drawing.”

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