In Leonardo Ulian’s Techno Assemblages, Electrical Wire and Found Objects Form Precise Geometric Systems

Featured image: “Techno Atlas 013 – Rebirthing State” (2021), electronic components, microchip, speakers, copper wires, lead, 3D printed elements, varnish, paper, and wood, 84 x 84 x 4.5 centimeters

During the past several decades, digital technology has impacted—and in many cases completely transformed—just about everything. From medicine to sports to the supply chain, myriad facets of our lives are organized and determined by computers. For London-based artist Leonardo Ulian (previously), the networks and connections of today’s technologies provide an unending well of inspiration.

In a number of ongoing series like Technological Mandalas, Techno Atlas, or Contrived Objects, Ulian draws on varying themes like the body, global maps, and analog objects to create a dialogue between electronic systems, philosophy, and the human condition.

The Technological Mandala series, for example, came into being a little more than a decade ago when Ulian was going through a personal crisis and sought a sense of purpose in his life and artistic practice. His research and experiments at the time opened a trove of ideas that he continues to tap into. “After 10 years,” he says, “I am still captivated by the discoveries this body of work is helping me make, both in terms of novel concepts and, I would say, philosophical thoughts.”

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