Invoking Design Principles, Kpe Innocent Builds Minimal Human Figures with Geometric Shapes

Image © Kpe Innocent

In his most recent paintings in acrylic, Kpe Innocent reduces the human body to its rudimentary forms. The Accra, Ghana-based artist translates arms, bellies, and heads into cylinders and geometric shapes rendered in minimal palettes of black, white, and pastel colors. Occupying vast swaths of negative space, the figures have “room to pause and breathe,” and the paired-down settings draw greater attention to the engineered anatomy.

In a note to Colossal, Innocent shares that he’s been interested in stories of creation and how those connect to his faith and practice. “I am convinced by looking at how systems operate and the evidence of design in the natural world that an intelligent mind is behind the natural things we see (where there is design, there is a designer),” he says, “and this fact can be seen in how we humans interpret and mimic nature in design processes even.

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