Landscape Trauma

In recent years, the art world seen an increased curatorial focus on creatives engaging with the climate emergency. In London, Dear Earth: Art and Hope in a Time of Crisis at Hayward Gallery and Saatchi’s Civilization: The Way We Live Now have put image-makers reckoning with environmental change front and centre. Now, Landscape Trauma adds to the ongoing discourse around ecology and crisis. The multi-artist display, at the Centre for British Photography, examines our impact on the landscape, reinforcing the belief that “nature cannot be viewed without considering our relationship to it.” The exhibition coincides with the 25th anniversary of Nigerian-British landscape photographer Simon Norfolk’s seminal book, For Most of It I Have No Words (1998), and is divided into two themes. Natural Histories looks at landscape as a site of history and conflict, whilst Human Natures is a contemporary exploration of our relationship to land through means including farming, industrialization, tourism and even terrorism.

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