Mutable Skies and Colorful Landscapes Come To Life in Bold Acrylic Paintings

Whether it is a clear blue horizon or a scarlet red sunset, the sky can take on a range of appearances. Minnesota-based artist James Musil captures the mutable phases of the sky with his distinctly painterly style. Bold blocks of color are combined with various textures to fill each skyline, imbuing the landscapes below with vibrant emotions.

Artist James Musil captures the phases of the sky in his acrylic paintings.

Musil began his career in technology, and did not formally pursue painting until he picked up a brush again in 2016. Since then, he has quickly filled out his portfolio, producing an average of one to two paintings per week. Since acrylic is a fast-drying paint, he is able to keep to this rigorous schedule. This medium also helps Musil add numerous layers to his pieces, visually building both depth and dynamism.

While the sky is frequently the focus, Musil captures a range of landscapes. This includes peaceful views by the lake, lush meadows, as well as dry and arid deserts. Even when the type of nature changes, Musil’s painterly style finds a way to make the environment his own. “A lot of my technique relies on the idea of reducing information down to just what is necessary,” he explains. As a result, sweeping brushstrokes and planes of color help Musil find the essence of each place.

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