Staged Compositions

Andreas Mühe is one of Germany’s best-known artists, recognised for his explorations of sociological, historical and political themes. He creates larger narratives within elaborately constructed, dramatically lit settings – an approach mirrored by the likes of Rodney Graham and Thomas Demand. Stories of Conflict is Mühe’s latest solo exhibition, taking place at the Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main.

A: Where did your journey into photography begin, and how, if at all, has your view of the medium changed?
AM: I had wanted to become a photographer ever since I was a kid. As soon as I was old enough, I did my first apprenticeship in photography. Even since then the medium has undergone many changes, that’s for sure. Maybe one of the most significant ways it has been altered is the increased quantity and omnipresence of images. I’m somewhat wary of this, and I would rather focus on making fewer meaningful pictures.

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