Street Artist Turns Entire City Into His Personal Canvas With Whimsical Chalk Drawings

While some artists like painting on canvases, others like David Zinn seek unexpected places to add art. The Ann Arbor artist creates whimsical chalk art on local sidewalks, brick walls, and more, oftentimes incorporating real-life elements (like cracks in the cement) into the illustration.

Zinn draws a range of quirky animal characters in his distinct, cartoon-like style. Each one is cleverly rendered to look as though it is interacting with the surrounding environment. His drawing of a green frog, for instance, utilizes a sprinkler head in the background as the shape of the amphibian’s right eye. Similarly, a small pink rabbit in a tutu walks across the division in the sidewalk as though it were a tightrope. Not only do these choices bring Zinn’s art to life, but they also infuse the real world with some of his enchanting imagination.

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