Stunning Earth Murals Showcase the Beauty of Nature While Respecting Its Fragility

Finland-based artist David Popa takes an unusual approach to his street art. While he was raised in New York City with a father who was a graffiti writer, Popa doesn’t use spray paint to create his murals. In fact, he doesn’t even use walls, trains, or other typical surfaces. Instead, he is drawn to nature and blends his evocative art into the landscape by creating earth murals.

At the outset, deciding how to create artwork that wouldn’t harm the environment took some careful planning. And to get inspired, Popa had to turn to the past. “I asked myself at the inception of creating work in nature what did the cave painters use? Cave painters would go to great lengths to find earth pigments as well as use chalks and charcoal to make their work,” the artist tells My Modern Met. “My materials are the same, by using earth pigments—also known as ocres or iron oxide—as well as charcoal and chalk.”


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