Stunning Oil Paintings That Look Like Aerial Views of Western Landscapes

Featured image: “Orb,” 2022

At first glance, Philip Govedare‘s art looks like your typical aerial landscape photograph. But upon close inspection, it’s revealed that these are actually carefully crafted oil paintings. Visually compelling, each piece highlights natural geographic features, as well as the manmade interventions that impact our planet.

Inspired by remote western landscapes, Govedare’s work isn’t about one specific place. Rather, he uses his memories, observations, and imagination to formulate an evocative landscape. In depicting different weather and lighting conditions, as well as geological formations, he’s able to evoke different emotions.

“While my paintings may elicit questions about our role in nature and the transformation (or desecration) of the earth’s surface and biosphere, they are, above all, a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the natural world,” Govedare tells My Modern Met. “I hope that my work inspires people to contemplate our place as an integral part of nature and appreciate all that is mysterious and transcendent in the world we inhabit.”

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