The Whirling, Spiritual Abstraction of June Edmonds

June Edmonds, “Caravan: Better Here Free” (2020), acrylic on canvas, 48 x 60 inches (collection of Alex Friedman & Erica Tennenbaum, copyright the artist, image courtesy Luis De Jesus Los Angeles and Laband Art Gallery)

LOS ANGELES — In sacred geometry, the “vesica piscis” symbol describes the almond shape nestled between two overlapping identical circles. The symbol, one of the oldest in the world, recurs across all cultures and faiths, and pops up frequently in religious paintings, architecture, and nature. It is often associated with divine femininity, birth, spiritual crossroads, sexuality, and unity. In Christianity, the fish-like shape represents Jesus of Nazareth. For the ancient Greeks and Romans, the circles corresponded to their mythological goddesses, Aphrodite and Venus. In more esoteric readings, the almond shape symbolizes a portal to the universe and/or a higher power. No matter the context, what’s fascinating about the vesica piscis is that it involves a joining of two or more energies that results in the creation of a third source, a door that leads to another realm, and by extension, a different way of being. 

Los Angeles-based painter June Edmonds takes inspiration from the multiple inflections of the vesica pieces.

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