Thousands of Porcelain Pieces Undulate Across Rebecca Manson’s Elegantly Draped Wings

“I’ve always been captivated by the fluidity of ceramics,” says Rebecca Manson. Invoking metamorphosis in material and subject matter, the artist fashions large-scale wings and bodies that gracefully drape from gallery walls with eyespots and other patterns cloaking the forms.

Scaling upwards of seven feet, Manson’s sculptures comprise thousands of individual components that the artist and her team of assistants refer to as “smushes,” small bits of clay they flatten in their hands. The pieces are tedious to make, although the process can be meditative when there’s a rhythm that builds, particularly when constructing enormous numbers like the 200,000 required for her upcoming solo show at Josh Lilley in London.

Featured image: Detail of “Xanthoria Wing” © Rebecca Manson

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