Glorious Explosions of Color Capture the Beautiful Symphony of Nature in Oil Paintings

In the late 19th century, Impressionism blossomed under the talents of Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste-Renoir. Since then, it has inspired many variations and successors, including the Open-Impressionist style. Led by artist Erin Hanson, this modern adaptation relies on impasto paint strokes without layering. She demonstrates the beauty of this style by rendering a variety of kaleidoscopic landscapes.

From lush wildflowers growing in front of a distant mountain to clouds swirling above the coast, these paintings are full of dynamism. Hanson gives every element a life of its own by applying bold swatches of color to the canvas. These brushstrokes appear to infuse each element with rhythm like they are moving before our eyes.

While Hanson’s art travels to a variety of distinct locals, her recognizable style and vibrant color palette unites each piece. Many of her compositions feature bunches of foliage swaying on the ground, while a patchy blue sky and fluffy clouds canopies them from above. These juxtapositions are enhanced by the rich textures imbued in the thick daubs of paint.

Featured image: work by Oregon-based artist Erin Hanson

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