Unfolded Origami Works by Sipho Mabona Reflect on Inevitable Transformations

In Transcending the Garden, Sipho Mabona continues to push the boundaries of origami through large-scale folds inspired by beastly and geological shapes. On view now at Glacier Garden Lucerne, this body of work evokes both animal physiques and the rigid, monumental nature of glaciers portrayed through monochromatic geometries.

Mabona became known for his animal sculptures ranging from small schools of koi to a life-sized interpretation of an elephant. In recent years, he’s shifted to more abstract, hand-dyed works on cotton that, rather than focusing on a three-dimensional figure, highlight the creasing process itself. The pieces appear unfolded and allow the viewer to envision what the final form could be if the sheet were re-constructed.

Image © Sipho Mabona

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