Vibrant Paintings of Different Animals Living Harmoniously Together on Varied Landscapes

“Grand Canyon”

The climate crisis is unavoidable, and it seeps into nearly every facet of our lives. Artist Antonio Segura, aka Dulk, expresses this idea through his colorful works that both celebrate nature’s biodiversity and consider its demise. His surreal paintings appear in his exhibition titled Heritage, now on display at Thinkspace in Los Angeles. The images are of animals that seem to be looking at what’s beyond them. A variety of creatures confer amongst themselves and move in unlikely packs toward something better—perhaps toward land that is more hospitable to them.

The colorful images of whales, birds, foxes, and more are tied to Dulk’s travel memories. They include trips to Northern California to see the giant redwood trees, going to the desert southwest, and seeing the arctic circle in Alaska.

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