Walking in the Dark

Why do people roam? What is the aftermath of perpetual movement? These are the questions asked by Robyn Ward (b. 1982), an artist born in Ireland and raised in Northern Ireland. He left Dublin at four years old, moving to Belfast where he lived until his late teenage years. He says: “From 18 to 25 I don’t think I spent more than seven or eight months in a row in one city. That, combined with never really being settled in Belfast, resulting in me leading quite a nomadic lifestyle.” Today, as a painter and sculptor, Ward expresses these personal experiences – of movement, change and being uprooted – through his art. He tells this story using wet, loose brush strokes with distinctive markings, revealing intimate moments from his past whilst simultaneously obscuring or hiding others. “Each layer depicts a different fragment of time,” Ward comments. “Often they are screenshots of parts of my life.” It’s an approach that has seen Ward exhibit in Mexico City, New York, London, Los Angeles, Paris and Hong Kong, amongst others.

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