What is Art’s Role in the Climate Crisis? Four Colossal Events Explore Connections and Solutions

Luftwerk’s “White Wanderer”

At the Precipice: Responses to the Climate Crisis opened last week at the Design Museum of Chicago with a vibrant collection of works considering what it feels like to live amid a global emergency. Through data, color, tactility, and beauty, ten artists and collectives create accessible entry points into this increasingly urgent issue. The exhibition, curated by Colossal, includes works by Selva Aparicio, Morel Doucet, Zaria Forman, Luftwerk, Nathalie Miebach, Chris Pappan, Redemptive Plastics, The Tempestry Project, Migwa Nthiga, and Jean Shin. It’s on view through October 30.

We’re excited to announce four events as part of At the Precipice that offer greater insight into the role of art and design in the climate crisis.

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