3XN’s Immersive Exhibition In Copenhagen Explores Architecture and Senses

From March 22nd to September 15th, the Danish Architecture Center is hosting AWARE: Architecture and Senses, an exhibition by the Danish architecture and research studio 3XN GXN. This showcase urges visitors to engage, comprehend, and contemplate their connection with architecture. Rather than displaying the studio’s portfolio, the exhibition invites guests to explore six immersive, life-sized installations. Here, the focus shifts away from mere form or function, prioritizing instead the visitors’ spatial experiences. These encounters epitomize the essence of architecture: not just materials like brick, concrete, or steel, but the interplay between human bodies and spaces, and the nuanced relationship between spatial atmospheres and human emotions.

‘Design choices are never merely aesthetic – they fundamentally influence our lives and affect our experiences,’ says Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN Founder and Creative Director. ‘Architecture shapes our behaviour. Are you – are we – aware of how?’

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