Elaborate Fragments of Line and Color Transform into Bodies and Landscapes in Lui Ferreyra’s Vibrant Compositions

Featured image: “Axis Mundi,” oil on linen, 84 x 64 inches Image © Lui Ferreyra

The deceptively simple power of line and color comes into full force in Lui Ferreyra’s paintings and colored penciled drawings (previously). “I’ve been drawn to the figure and the human face from the beginning,” the artist tells Colossal. “The real subject matter of the work, however, is the breakdown of visual information itself.”

Puzzle-like compartments, which the artist describes as a “coarse-grain deconstruction of visual information,” fit together to highlight realistic body parts or dramatic scenery. Ferreyra is interested in the idea of gestalt, a term often often associated with the adage, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” and used in psychology to describe the way that human behavior and the mind are interconnected.

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