Artist Forages Fallen Flora and Arranges It Into Exquisite Portraits of Animals and Insects

Montreal-based artist Raku Inoue 井上 羅来 highlights natural connections in his stunning arrangements. Using found materials, he organizes leaves, petals, and twigs into the shapes of different animals, from scarlet birds to multicolored fish.

Before making these plant-based arrangements, Inoue practiced drawing, painting, graphic design, and sculpture. “Nature has always been a great source of inspiration and one gloomy day, it given me a sign,” he tells My Modern Met. “The rose bush in my backyard was getting rustled by the wind so I went outside and foraged the petals along with a few stems and leaves. I used those to make my very first floral insect sculpture which ultimately jump-started my floral creations that I am known for today.”

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