Black Velvet If You Please: The Paintings of Tony Shore

Tony Shore, Closing Time, 2022, Acrylic on velvet, framed

Death lies everywhere these days and, of course, it always has. Its sharp contrast with our conscious aspirations and activity in this life makes it poignant enough if we let it. We must accept death next to every moment that we cherish, like a shadowy shrewd friend along for the cliffside joyride. The steep reality is that we naturally don’t have a choice in this matter of accepting death at some point in our life. However, from the death that darkness often denotes, springs forth life that we discover and, in some cases, create in order to shore up the light of hope we use to illuminate the path just ahead.

The new work on view in Tony Shore’s Black Velvet If You Please solo painting exhibition at Carlye Packer in Los Angeles is extraordinary. In many ways, the scenes depicted in them are not, providing seemingly incidental life slices.

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