Case Study: Glenn

Case Study Outline:

Practicing Artist

Age: 34

Practice Focus: 


Practice Goals:

Challenges or Obstacles:

Art Practice Description:

I was born in 1984. Life for me as a kid started out comfortable. Middle class. Nothing special.

My father sold refrigeration equipment. Until the web robbed him of his job (according to him).

So times were not great for a while after that.

But my dad was able to find a new line of work, and by the time I was ready to go off to college (local), my parents could afford to pay my tuition. Great!

By 2006, I was sure I was an adult. And knew what I wanted to do with my life. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you hear this story.

Anyway, after thrashing around, taking various jobs – some of which even let me do stuff like graphic design! I decided to focus on actually doing a career in the art world.

I was able to educate myself on the current art world just by following the shows that were put up in NYC. I figured that was the target to aim for.

Now I’m a bit older. 34. And I understand I need some kind of a plan. Some kind of a path to follow.

So I’m giving this a try! So far it looks really useful! Here’s hoping!