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10 Milestone Workshop – Journey Toward Art Practice Abundance & Success

If You Have a True Desire to Create Art, build a Successful Art Practice, and Live an Abundant Life...

YOU - ABSOLUTELY Have the Potential Within to Face Any Obstacle and Overcome Any Challenge on Your Path!

I can personally testify to this fact.

My name is Chuck. I am the developer, frontend designer, and administrator of the artistvenu network. I developed this platform and successful websites for other artists and businesses during the past 4 years – which happened to be what I would describe as the most challenging 4 years of my life to date.

I will share my story with you, as I hope you will share yours over the course of this workshop.

For this initial workshop introduction, I would like you to know that whatever you may face while creating art and building your art practice when you feel you have reached a brick wall – I can assure you that there is a path forward that perfectly aligns with what you seek.

You can make peace with conflict, become transparent to adversity – and turn your own impossible into possible.

Studio tips, tricks, and techniques for creating artwork, visibility for your art and brand, marketing, sales, using online tools, resources, and practice management best practices – These are common art practice workshop focus topics, covered in this workshop. They are the typical subjects most artists look for in educational workshops. But…

Have you considered how you think?

How About the Effect the Thoughts You Think Each Day Have on Your Alignment with - That Which You Do Want?

How you think about and respond to the multitude of thoughts that will enter your field of awareness each day in your life as a creative individual seeking abundance and success will undoubtedly have the potential to be the guiding medium, “the secret element” – that can attract and align you with what you seek.

We creatively refer to this as “Thinking (& responding) artfully” – the first milestone of this workshop.

Later in Milestone 1, we will also introduce the “Transparent” & “Creative” Conscious Awareness processes and how you can use them in your practice and life.

Workshop Description

artbizroad is a Workshop for professional and student artists covering 10 Chapters of study.

This workshop covers comprehensive information and discussion detailing essential interests, challenges, and obstacles every artist will encounter as they develop their art practice.

Each Milestone in this workshop will begin with a “Milestone Feature Droplet” posted every Sunday – available to premium members only.

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The entire 10 Milestone Workshop will be presented over 20 weeks.

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You will discover and explore your true artistic nature and current practice focus during a guided individualized, mindful self-assessment, followed by strategic planning to overcome challenges, and maximize all opportunities for visibility.

Based on working experience, research, and analysis spanning 40 years in commercial art, fine art, and digital graphics, in areas of production, exhibition, marketing, sales, online tools, resources, and best practices, artbizroad is a 20-Week, work at your own pace, journey to a more successful art practice.

Each of the 10 milestones covered in this workshop detail essential issues, challenges, and obstacles every artist will face during their art and practice development. art practice.

Workshop Milestone Index

M1 – Thinking (and responding) artfully

M2 – Art Practice Discovery

M3 – Art & Art Practice Visibility Options

M4 – Visibility Mapping & Action Plan

M5 – Selling Work and Managing Sales Orders

M6 – Introduction to Keywords, Key Phrases, and Tags

M7 – Art Practice Blogging

M8 – Artwork Portfolio Management

M9 – Contacts, List Building & Relationship Networking

M10 – Art Practice Analytics: What is Working and What is Not

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How Do I Chose My Path Forward?

Once we know what our career goals are, what steps do we take from there? It is not always easy to come up with an action plan.

There are many options. Some options seem difficult, and some options seem easy. But how do we choose which option to take? Some options may not suit our personality or the means of accomplishing it. Asking ourselves hard questions is necessary.

Clarifying our thinking about these issues is very important to being able to reach our goals. Do we want our work to be appreciated within a small, select group? Do we want other artists in the vicinity to know about us? Are we ready for national or international recognition? We think we know what we want, but do we really? Thinking deeply about this can have an effect not only on our happiness, but our financial goals, needs, and success.

Learning the path we want to take, and what we need to do to follow that path is very important. So ask yourself “How Do I Choose My Path Forward“?

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Should I Share My Work On Social Media?

As artists, we are sometimes afraid to share the work we have done. But yet we still want others to know about our work, because we see its value. Both financially, and because it can add meaning to someone else’s life, in addition to ours. Is it safe to share? How can I distribute my work socially without risking ridicule, or worse – theft! These are questions that all artists should consider.

Identifying the benefits, risks, and rewards of sharing your work socially is key to each of us. Learning what works and what doesn’t with social posting is important to building your visibility and career. So ask yourself “Should I Share My Work On Social Media“?

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What Does My Art Mean to Me?

Sometimes you may wonder, why do I want to make artwork? What does it do for me? More than just the making, the process. What about the deeper meaning? What psychological need does it fulfill?

Identifying what art contributes to your well-being is important. Every artist has a reason they like to make art. And not making it can feel like a hole in your happiness. Figuring out these meanings can clarify your goals. So ask yourself “What Does My Art Mean To Me“?

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Can I Make Money As An Artist?

You love creating art, hear about the money other artists make selling their work and hope to earn a living by developing a successful art practice yourself.

Each artist and art practice is different, and its easy to set yourself up for a potentially negative outcome by closely comparing your circumstances, to that of another artist. Instead of looking at someone else, ask yourself “Can I Make Money As An Artist“?

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