How Do I Chose My Path Forward?

Once we know what our career goals are, what steps do we take from there? It is not always easy to come up with an action plan.

There are many options. Some options seem difficult, and some options seem easy. But how do we choose which option to take? Some options may not suit our personality or the means of accomplishing it. Asking ourselves hard questions is necessary.

Clarifying our thinking about these issues is very important to being able to reach our goals. Do we want our work to be appreciated within a small, select group? Do we want other artists in the vicinity to know about us? Are we ready for national or international recognition? We think we know what we want, but do we really? Thinking deeply about this can have an effect not only on our happiness, but our financial goals, needs, and success.

Learning the path we want to take, and what we need to do to follow that path is very important. So ask yourself “How Do I Choose My Path Forward“?

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