Fluffy Chicks Practice Yoga Poses in Realistic Oil Paintings

People practice yoga with animals all the time in real life, but it is only in the tenderly painted worlds of Lucia Heffernan that you can see a yellow chick folding into a successful triangle pose. The graphic designer and oil painter captures baby birds stretching into a variety of poses in her series of Yoga Chick paintings.

Heffernan creates these delightfully humorous situations by using her realistic style to depict unrealistic scenarios. Each bird is placed against a stage-like backdrop of blue and yellow, which emphasizes the action of the subject. The juxtaposition of a carefully rendered chick as it stands on its head is what makes these tiny portraits so enjoyable to look at. “Through my paintings, I seek to give animals a voice and a personality, while making light of our uniquely human existence,” Heffernan explains on her website.

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