Learn How to Sketch Structures in This Comprehensive Class on Architectural Illustration

Do you admire architecture? One way to celebrate the things you love is to create art about them. But drawing a building can be really tricky. There are often many fine details that feel nearly impossible to get right. Well, not anymore. Artist Demi Lang has a comprehensive course on architectural illustration on My Modern Met Academy. Her online class is called Architectural Illustration for Everyone: Draw Buildings in Ink and Colored Pencil. It will take you step by step through her process of sketching structures; and when complete, you will have created your own charming architectural illustration.

Like all other classes on My Modern Met Academy, Lang breaks down this subject matter into bite-sized lessons. Over the course of three hours, you’ll learn about the tools you’ll need to work, how to select the right type of paper to use, and how to study the photo you’ll use for the project. The final assignment is a row of three buildings, which Lang will go through first in line drawing lessons, then inking over the sketch, and finally adding color to bring it to life.

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