Tatiane Freitas’ Sculptures Complete Missing Parts Of Broken Chairs With Translucent Acrylic

My Old New Chair 2, 2016


Tatiane Freitas completes broken wooden chairs with translucent acrylic to create what may be deemed as kintsugi sculptures. Inside Guy Hepner Editions gallery in New York City, Tatiane Freitas sits or kneels on the floor for days and nights. She is cutting up sheets of wax paper with pencil linings on them with unwavering focus, perfecting the art of slicing with a pair of scissors. These blueprints, once drawings, have become the symmetrical grids that uniformly line up her acrylic chair sculptures for her exhibition.

‘A Hole Which Remains’ seems a fitting name for the show which runs until August 31st, 2023. These tiny chairs, which look like they can be pocketed when no one is looking or stashed in a bag like grocery items, hang on the walls of Guy Hepner Editions, suspended to create a whimsical visual play against the white backdrop. From afar, they seem incomplete. Up close, the tiny chairs that Tatiane Freitas worked on come to a full circle as she sculpts and molds acrylic into the missing pieces of the seats.

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