Wu Jian’an’s Image Confrontation

Wu Jian’an, 36 Color Balls (X), 2018. Watercolor on paper, 53 x 52 cm (20 3/4 x 20 1/2 in). Courtesy of the artist and Chambers Fine Art ©Wu Jian’an.

In Wu Jian’an’s art forms and concepts, there are visual tricks, reflections on the polymorphism of cultural heritage, and manifestations of humanity and divinity. Chambers Fine Art is now featuring Wu’s recent works. His representative series, 500 Brushstrokes, is rife with randomness and has some characteristics of action painting. Much of this lies in the fact that Wu places no restrictions on his objects, and the materials they use, such as brushes, colors, and paper, or even whether they draw delicately. 500 Brushstrokes thus have a strong conceptual nature, meaning that each stroke represents a person, an individual, which has a more distinct meaning in China with a large population. Different people create brushstrokes that, whether consciously or unconsciously, bear their own imprints—bold, elegant, or discreet. Yet to make them a work of art, the artist’s aesthetic sense is essential. Wu reads such random acts and intentionally reassembles and collages them, which also speaks to the appeal of art.

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