Case Study: Anthony

Case Study Outline:

Aspiring Professional Photograher

Age: 50

Practice Focus: Architectural & Industrial Art Photography

Media: Color and Black & White Photography

Practice Goals:

Find creative focus in my artwork. Figure out what my next  steps will be as a professional artist.

Challenges or Obstacles:

Fear of not being able to support myself with my  art. 

Art Practice Description:

I am a structural engineer by training with a passion for photography. As a  kid I was obsessed with building structures with erector sets and legos.  My parents gave me a Poloroid camera. I photographed the bridges and  towers that I built from every angle.  

Over time with owning better cameras, I honed my skills and have focused  on photographing industrial subjects. 

I have had some recognition of my photographic art with a museum  exhibition and a few solos shows. 

Currently, I am teaching at a university full-time. My camera is always with  me so that I don’t miss the moment when I see that perfect shot. 

Having had some accolades, I still don’t sell my photographs very often. I  need to learn how to market them to the right audience.